Using APO to cache url w/ query strings

I am currently using WP Optimize for my site which is working very well, except when there are page requests w/ query strings from the ESP (Mailchimp, SendinBlue,…) for our weekly newsletter.

Can APO handle - i.e. disregard - these user specific query strings?

I’m not quite sure what you want.

Do you want those requests cached? Not cached?

Because those requests come with query strings, don’t you want to track them for metrics?

Sorry for not being super clear: my current cache WP plugin (Optimize) does not cache any requests from people clicking through in my newsletter, so they’re handed to the theme to serve them the page directly and run a dbase query.

What I want is that APO (bc WP Optimize cannot), serves these requests from the cache, regardless of the query strings (which are unique per visitor).

The query strings are for the ESP’s (mailchimp, sendinblue) metrics, I see them on my dashboard there and on GA.

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APO can’t ignore query strings as a general rule, such as in Search (?s=blah). But there’s a small list that APO will cache:

I don’t know if there’s a safe way to handle this. Maybe an @MVP or @yevgen knows if Transform Rules trigger before APO, or some other way to ignore specific custom query strings.

@juliotofan just pointed me to my own post that pointed to more information. And I swear I was just looking in Dev Docs for this and didn’t see it right in front of my face:

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Yes they do CF Transform rules process before all CF products AFAIK so you can use Transform rule to ignore some query strings not already on APO’s included query string list.

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APO supports serving from cache most of the marketing attribution query strings:

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