Using APO but still a TTFB of 2.5 seconds & <50% HIT in cache

This Cloudflare thing seems really hit and miss. Thinking of reverting back to non-CF set up. on my sites and I am getting a MISS more often than now - even on the homepage.

The TTFB is right up at 2.5 seconds, although sometimes when testing this goes right down…

We are adding and deleting posts all day - could that impact the cache being cleared the whole time?
If it was a cookie issue why there are so many misses then surely it would miss 100% of the time?
Or have I got something fundamentally wrong here in the settings?

I am pulling my hair out, as I have seen the site work lightning fast but also REALLY slowly. There is a silver bullet there somewhere in terms of my set u and I would be really grateful to anyone that could point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance

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