Using another web host but purchased domain from cloudflare and intend to use cloudflare for my DNS management

I use the cloudflare free version.

I purchased my domain through Cloudflare and currently use Cloudflare Pages for my site connected to GitHub. Now I purchased a hosting on another service which uses cPanel which have provided me with their nameservers. Now, Cloudflare does not have an option to update the name servers under the free version. What should I be doing from here to use the new web host to work?

(I am new to this, and maybe use my prepositions and nomenclature wrongly here)

Hi, you don’t need to change nameservers, just point the A/CNAME records to the new host. Unless you want to transfer the domain to this new service. For that, here’s the transfer procedure: Transfer domain from Cloudflare to another registrar · Cloudflare Registrar docs

However, it’s not needed for what I could understand from your post.

I see. I totally do not intend to transfer the the domain. I’ll just change the A/CNAME records. I was unable to locate that in cPanel. If you have a tutorial or a short video showing where that is located in cPanel, could you please let me know? I’d appreciate it.

Thank you for your help.

It works the other way around. You’ll have to see which IP address is assigned to you on your hosting company and configure those in Cloudflare DNS settings: Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

Yes, as soon as I login into cPanel, it shows the hosting IP. But how do I enter the details about all the records into Cloudflare . I understand the A record would go this way. But what about the MX, CNAME etc?

I mean where under cPanel should I be looking for these details to enter into Cloudflare DNS?

Under the DNS editor in cPanel, I do not have to do anything since Cloudflare is my DNS server. I hope my understanding about this is correct.

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