Using another CDN for domains registered in CloudFlare

I have some domains registered in Cloudflare registrar.
I want to DNS Server different from CF, but there is no place to enter Authoritative DNS for my domain.
I also add NS record for root of my domain but it did not work and NS records of my domain is still CF ones.

Any help?

Your question is not overly clear. If you just want to add new DNS records, go ahead and configure them on the DNS screen on Cloudflare. If it is about nameservers, you will have to change them at your registrar. What’s the domain?

My registrar is Cloudflare.

I simply want another DNS Server response to my domain DNS Queries.

In that case you will have to transfer your domain to another registrar. Cloudflare-registered domains can’t have the nameservers changed for now.

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