Using an existing DNS

Hello All,

We have an existing DNS from godaddy, which points to elastic load balancer on Amazon cloud (

Can we have a setup in Cloudflare where will point to Cloudflare CDN and will point o Amazon.

I do not want to buy a new DNS just for Cloudflare.

Saroj Gharat

You can use Cloudflare Free DNS. Just grey-cloud and orange-cloud That way, will pass through Cloudflare CDN while will go straight to your Amazon Instances.

If you still wanted to use your existing GoDaddy DNS, you’ll need to use a CNAME setup. To do that, you’ll need Cloudflare’s Business or Enterprise Plan. Details at the link below:

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Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. With this gray cloud setup, I will need to copy the ns records in godaddy ?

To clarify what I said, here’s are 2 options.

  1. You move your DNS to Cloudflare.
    Register for Cloudflare normally and then orange-cloud the subdomain that will pass Cloudflare’s CDN Server. In your case, it’ll be the images subdomain. Then, grey-cloud the subdomain that you wanted to go straight to the Origin Server. In your case, it’ll be the root and www subdomain.
    If you chose this option, here’s a guide to change the nameserver at GoDaddy.

  2. You keep your DNS hosted at GoDaddy.
    You’ll need to do a CNAME setup that requires Business or Enterprise Plan. It will cost you $200 for Business Plan and more for the Enterprise Plan. If you chose this option, contact Cloudflare Support following this instruction.

Ok. Got it. thanks for making it clear. Also exploring the option to buy a separate domain for serving static content. That way it can be entirely on Cloudflare.