Using a wordpress 2nd firewall (wordfence, ninjafirewall) with Cloudflare

Wanting to use a secondary firewall (wordfence and/or ninjafirewall) on my Cloudflare-protected wordpress site. Need to find out what Cloudflare IP’s to whitelist on my firewall.
I can’t seem to find the information.

And to make sure there aren’t any other steps I need to take to keep Cloudflare and these firewalls working in harmony.

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sid B.

I use Wordfence, and it’s never needed to know Cloudflare’s IP addresses. But here they are:

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Thanks, I appreciate the info, but I got that information a month ago - just forgot this post was here because I never got a reply.

The IP’s ensure that only traffic coming through the Cloudflare network is processed. We have a lot of bots bypassing Cloudflare - the firewall stops them before they try the brute force ■■■■, which reduces the overall load on the server. Wordfence was handling them, but not until they started trying to access wordpress and exceeded the limit settings. like login attempts. With the IP’s, non-network access is just shut out.

Thanks again.