Using a owned domain to redirect traffic to a hosted service

Hi all

I’ve created a online forum, being hosted by freeforums net currently.
I’d like to register a domain, and then have that redirect traffic…

current: myforum freeforums net
I want myforum co za to redirect to the current.

Is this do-able?


You can use Page Rules or Bulk Redirects to forward people to your freeforums hostname, just note that they will see that address when they are redirected.

If you want masking instead of forwarding then this may help:


thanks, will have a look.

nope i don’t want them to see original url… if i can help it. but can’t imagine how that can be hidden, as as soon as they on the page… they will see the real address.


OK so you want domain masking not forwarding, this is possible with Workers and there is an example in the second link I posted.

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