Using DNS for a domain

Hey guys,
can I use DNS for my domain?
if yes how?

No, thats purely an end-user service.

does Cloudflare have any plans to do this integration with domains in the future?

No, it is purely an end-user service :wink:

You need to explain what you want to achieve.

I want have the speed of in the site performance. Having a faster site

For that you use Cloudflare’s domain services, not their public DNS resolver.

you mean to transfer the domain to Cloudflare registerar?

Please explain more

You dont need to transfer anything you simply add your domain. Didnt you already do that before? I remember you had quite a bunch of threads.

yes. I’ve done. but it is not too fast. although it is faster than before. but the fastest site i need

That is most likely something you need to fix on your server. If your server or your site are slow there is only so much any service out there can do.

Saw that. Therefore deleted :wink:
I am mobile. On Edge most of the time today :roll_eyes:

thanks guys for your help

I presume you mean the browser, hopefully not the mental state :smile:

No worries. I’d simply add the site and then continue from there on with any possible optimisations. Cloudflare shouldnt make your site slower :slight_smile:

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Network. 2G. So almost offline.
This is horrible here. Mobile network isn’t the best here, even Finnland has a better coverage. Plus a double-decker train with metal coated windows and snow…

Ohhhhhh, that Edge :slight_smile:

Yeah, that must be fun. For the right mood you should have some matching dial-up background sounds.