Usinf CF enterprise for Shopify Plus

You know We can exchange the CF enterprise for Shopify(plus).
But, I don’t know when we should exchange the one.
How much traffic will be over or the other signs will be occoured.
Let me know your thoughts about this.

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Hi @urabe,

Could you explain what you mean by exchanging Cloudflare Enterprise for Shopify Plus?

Are you saying that you currently have a Cloudflare Enterprise agreement? Are you currently using Shopify?

Hi Albert,

Thank you for the reply. and sorry for lack of the infomation.
Shopify are using Cloudflare basically. and we can add the enterprise on shopify.

Enabling O2O for your Shopify website

I might have misunderstood these.I want to know this merit and how much trafic We should use the enterprise?

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