Usind custom nameservers (vanity servers) for an entire account

A week ago I was contacted by Cloudflare Business Development (Marsha) who tried to upsell me the DDoS solutions of Cloudflare. I sent some follow-up questions but I never got a response so I’m posting them here.

When looking into the options I noticed that the different plans also offer vanity servers (or custom DNS server names). This is free of charge at most domain name registrars and it would probably be overkill for most people to subscribe only for that reason. For me it would be attractive it it can be used for the entire account (not just one domain name).

So I’m interested in custom nameservers (vanity servers) as per but:

  • Its only available on Business and Enterprise plans.
  • I don’t want to use it on just one domain but would like to apply it on all domains in my account.

I can only attach one domain to a Business Plan?
Quote: "What determines the total amount billed?
"Our pricing is on a ‘per-domain’ basis. That means that every domain is charged separately "

But here its lined out differently for the custom name servers feature:
“Account custom nameservers are available for customers on Business (after contacting Cloudflare Support) or Enterprise plans. Once configured, account custom nameservers can be used by all zones in the account, regardless of the zone plan. Via API only.”

PS. The free plan is really good enough for me to block bad actors (configuring the WAF rules accordingly).
The WordPress APO Plugin would be cool to have, however I can only use it for one site as well.

Some Cloudflare services are available on a “highest plan in your account” basis.

You can’t set custom nameservers on non-Business zones in the same account as a Business zone, but according to that page you can contact Support to have it done.

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well, I don’t want to spend 2400 USD to find out if it works (or not). Guess its best I contact support.

Hi there,

Account custom nameservers are available for customers with a Business plan zone or higher. The configuration is done on your end through the API. This requires glue records to be added to your registrar or added by Cloudflare support if you’re using Cloudflare registrar.

Related documentation:

Account custom nameservers: Account custom nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs

API Set Account Custom Nameserver: Cloudflare API Documentation
API Add Account Custom Nameserver: Cloudflare API Documentation

Take care.


and is available for all my domains in my account, right? I only pay the Business plan once?

Hi there,

Yes, that’s correct. After enabled you can use them for every zone in the account.

Take care.


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