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i recently checked the to analyse website after activating Cloudflare security feature which show a captcha if it thinks that someone is a bot but now i see this warning lowering my best practive score. what can i do?



It’s likely that these scripts are using older APIs to support older browsers.

I wouldn’t worry about it though, or chase perfect scores. This isn’t going to have any negative impact to your users.

Hi @cherryjimbo

I make and sell websites to clients, and “” is a free tool I use to showcase the performance, accessibility, best practices, and basic SEO. Is there a way to fix it other than deactivating it, because when I deactivate the fight bot, the error goes away?


There’s not really anything to “fix”. I imagine once again that this Cloudflare script is designed to support very old browsers, so supports these very old, now deprecated APIs. This will have zero negative impact on the site or your users - chasing perfect scores in situations like this isn’t beneficial.

I’d recommend explaining this to your clients, but if not, then your only option is to disable the feature unfortunately.

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