is not a registered domain

Trying to add a new domain in CloudFlare, the domain is registered and properly propagated but still getting the error, in fact i had this domain on CloudFlare, i delete to re-add it but getting the error now. any idea, help pls?

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i am following exact guidelines from cloudflare and all records etc are properly configuered but still cloudflare not recognizing the domain - plus domain is months old

Did you follow all the steps from the article?

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one hundred percent each and followed every step plus have few dozens of domains on the CloudFlare and been a user of CF from ast 6 years never had issue but today it is different. have no clue at all what to do …

Whats the domain in that case?

You do realise, you owe my a coffee if the article actually addressed your issue :wink:

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i owe you a lunch too if you like :wink:
is there a way i could DM you the domain - not really looking to index in public form :frowning:

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In that case run a check of the domain against and post the exact time when you ran it (including timezone here), so I can dig it out.

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just did now - few seconds ago. site ends with " u******.site"

bro i think it is working now, managed to add it back without changing or doing anything but it just start working

cofee and launch deal still intact whenever you like to :slight_smile:

@sandro - managed to add the domain on Cloudflare but deleted it again because it didn’t scan my 25+ subdomains and it is pain in the … to add them manually. do you know why that is happening? why CF failed to scan all the CNAMEs?

Were you old nameservers properly configured?

@sandro - yes properly configured and using the site normally including all the subdomains are fine and loading just fine with SSL

Then it should import normally.

I believe I found the domain, however it doesn’t point to Cloudflare right now and neither does Cloudflare announce it at all at the moment.

I believe to be able to reproduce the issue, but it might not be even related to your domain but rather your TLD. .site itself appears to have an issue with their nameserver.

I cannot definitely confirm that this is the reason why you cannot add the domain. You probably best open a support ticket and maybe Cloudflare can override the check for .site, given that the entire TLD might have an issue.

Should work now and imported the records fine as well.

@sandro i can add domain inside CF now but i have more then CNAME records which CF fails to scan - no idea what to do here

ps: i really really appreciate your help…

If these records are not standard names, Cloudflare won’t import them automatically and you will have to set them up manually.

Plus, if I remember right, you can’t have more than one CNAME record for your domain here at CloudFlare…am I correct admins?