Users with more than 20 sites cannot use the new domain registrar service

In what might be a barrier to using @hainei’s solution, it appears that we cannot just delete and re-add our sites.

When you delete a site from Cloudflare and, then, later, try to re-add it, you get this error:

You have to manually request that each site be re-added, and we have no way of knowing how willing Cloudflare support would be to cooperate if you are asking to re-add a lot of sites, it might seem highly sketchy. I would guess that the rest of the company is not aware that the Registrar product has this problem.

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today i got access to domain transfer. but why .mobi not supported? its is managed by afilias its same as .info which is supported then why not .mobi?

Cloudflare have stated that they will support as many TLDs as possible, so, I would guess that you will have .mobi pretty soon.

Personally, I think .com is the only TLD worth bothering with. :smiley:

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i want to move all my domains to CF. i have lots of .in ccTLD while each ccTLDs registries imposes own policy, i want CF to support all gTLDs first then focus on ccTLDs.
CF already started destroying other domain registrars,but i want them completely destroyed by CF. , ,,, ,, etc etc

@step It is a bit early for you to want Cloudflare to wipe out all the other registrars. We still don’t know if they are technically capable of, or organizationally motivated to, do a good job as registrar.

As flawed as the existing registrars might be, at least they are solely focused on the business of domain registration. Can you imagine any of them designing a transfer UI that prevents their largest users from transferring domains in? Or not regarding fixing it as a priority once it became apparent?

What we can deduce, so far, is that Cloudflare consider this to be a free (non-profit) add-on intended to generate more business for their paid services, but it is far from being a priority.

I had high hopes, based upon my experience of other Cloudflare services, and I believed this would be a masterstroke, that it would utterly disrupt the domain industry and bring a wave of new customers to Cloudflare, but now the general sentiment in the domainer forums is that, for the sake of a few cents, you are better off sticking with dedicated registrars.

I am still holding on, to see if they might be able to get this up to the level of other Cloudflare products, but the roll-out delays and the unnecessarily complex design choices lead me to fear that this team are over-complicating things.

Just a quick update. It appears that the Cloudflare system is now capable of displaying the first 20 domains, alphabetically, in your account, but nothing beyond that.

This is an improvement on the previous situation, in which the system would simply throw an error if you had more than 20 sites in Cloudflare. Now, at least, it looks as though you can transfer those first 20 domains.

Obviously, it would be better if you could pick your first 20 domains in order of expiry date - you can be sure that people are most interested in transferring domains that are close to their renewal dates. Alphabetical priority is pretty much useless in this context.

It is, however, encouraging that they seem to have started trying to fix their system. @SamRhea did say that they would address the problem by the end of the month, perhaps this is a sign of that.

What we really need is a simple interface, like every other domain registrar, that allows us to enter a list of the domains we want to transfer. All the information displayed by the current interface is unnecessary, domain owners already know which domains we want to transfer over.

Update to my Update

Nope, doesn’t work. I was able to select a domain to renew but, during several attempts to initiate the transfer, it glitched up in several different parts of the process.

I got the impression that they were actively modifying the system because I saw different results at different times.

Hi everyone! Sam from the Registrar team here. The issue loading more than 20 sites should now be addressed. Thanks for the feedback and please let me know if you run into any other issues.


@SamRhea do we need to log out and back in for this to fix itself? I can’t add any more. I have 2 that i can’t or don’t want to transfer, but it won’t load any additional domains.

Yes, could you try logging out and back in.


There is still a limitation. It now pulls 250 domains. That is obviously better than 20, but some Cloudflare users have more sites than that.

It lists them alphabetically, but not starting at the letter A, in my case it starts at the letter D.

The 250 limitation would not matter if it was in order of expiration, because that list would include the domains that the user needs to transfer now. If I renew domains in, say, batches of 50, those 50 domains would not appear the next time I summon the transfer list because their new renewal date would put them beyond the next 250 to expire.

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roll-out delays probably because they don’t want to get flooded with large volume of domain transfers in a single day.

yes as you said this questions capability of CF domain registrar system. but also we need to consider any new service will get flooded on first day of release.

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Yes, they have been building up the roll-out for quite a while. My understanding is that they started with staff, family and friends in a prolonged Wave 0, and the problems that cropped up during that phase is why Wave 1 was put back by a month.

I know that Welcome emails went out yesterday to at least some Wave 1 folks, or possibly all of them. So, I presume we will see activity in this category increase a lot in the coming days.

My guess is that very few folks in Wave 0 had a lot of sites, which is why the >20 problem took them by surprise when I brought it up two weeks ago. @SamRhea promised a fix and that has now been delivered for the probably 99% of beta users who have less than 250 sites.

It is still broken for those of us with more than 250 sites, but I’m guessing that would be less than 1% of Cloudflare users. In fact, I would not be surprised if I was the only one so far in this beta phase.

That is likely to change, however, as Wave 1 and subsequent waves roll out. There actually are a surprising number of technical folks who have gathered domains here and there throughout their careers. 250 does sound like a ridiculous number of domains to own, but it is more common than you might imagine. This problem will become more evident as more regular Cloudflare users join the beta.

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Hi everyone, this is Sam - PM on the Registrar team. Love the conversation and the feedback.

In terms of the waves, we’re less concerned about capability than we are improving the service based on successive waves of feedback. Rolling it out in waves allows us to learn from each group and make it better every week.

In terms of why things were pushed back one month, the primary driver was to make sure we could offer a wider range of TLDs. We were working through some UI issues, but we mostly wanted to support nearly 250 at launch.

On the issue with greater than 20 sites, that’s definitely a bug we should have addressed earlier. And that’s part of what we’re improving in each wave.

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I’m still having issues transferring domains (I have way more than 20); on almost all of the ones I have tried (with a few exceptions) I get

Also, please, please add an option to “select / de-select ALL” domains.

Thank you!

I was getting this error on sites with Dedicated Certificates. I deleted those certs, and was able to get the transfer to go through, then re-add the certificate. I also made sure I had Universal SSL enabled as a fallback so my site was still reachable over HTTPS.

I understand Cloudflare is working on a fix for this, but it’s workable for now.

Please consider adding your voice to the thread I created to focus on this problem:

Users Forced to Manually Deselect Domains

The creators of the service will not be aware of these usability problems unless enough users make it clear that they are actual problems.

My own impression is that they were thinking in terms of users with just two or three domains during the design phase, and presumed that users would choose to transfer over all their domains at once, in which case the current design choice - all domains selected - makes a lot of sense.

For real-world use, however, where many people tend to have more domains, and are under financial pressure to transfer over just some of their domain at a time, it is actually a terrible design: having to manually deselect domains, ordering alphabetically rather than by expiry date, limits on the number of domains that can be selected from … none of this is better than the conventional UI of the traditional domain registrars, its only virtue is that is different for the sake of being different, and has the techie bragging rights of being API-driven. It was probably a lot of fun to design, but they will not be aware that the experience is not as sweet for users unless users speak up.

@SamRhea, thank you for being open to feedback, and apologies if my posts appear impatient at times. I feel it is important, as a beta user, to communicate clearly when problems exist, in particular problems that must seem highly edge-case to you guys - I would guess that most young coders have not yet accumulated many domains, and that is clearly reflected in some of the design choices.

I was surprised and impressed that you actually did address the 20-domain limit within the two week period you stated. My hope, now, is that the new 250-domain limit does not become permanent, although I accept that probably very few users have that many sites on Cloudflare.

I have had some success with getting the system to display different selections of 250 domains under different circumstances (constantly adding and removing sites from Cloudflare), so, I will continue to experiment to see if I can get all my domains that are due to expire this month - just over hundred of them - transferred over to Cloudflare in dribs and drabs according to when I can get them to appear. I will post my results to this thread, in the hope that they might be useful to other users caught by the limitation.

By the way, displaying the first 250 domains would be fine for everyone if it was in order of expiry date because those would be exactly the domains most of your users will want to transfer over. In addition to saving your users a lot of time, it would also reduce your credit card costs if users could bring over big batches of 100 or so domains at a time, rather than small batches of 4 or 5 domains at a time.