Users stuck on 'checking your browser before accessing', ultimately the tab runs out of memory

Sorry for the copy paste, i tried opening a ticket but cloudflare closed it and told me to go here:

Users stuck on ‘checking your browser before accessing’, ultimately the tab runs out of memory. I feel like your bot detection code might be running into an infinite loop? This has not happened before, and reports of such behavior only started popping up recently.

Users are saying it works on a different device that’s on the same network. Works in incognito, and after going back to normal mode its got a blank screen, presumably from the out of memory thing?

I feel like the ‘out of memory’ is surely a clue?

There might be a networking issue at the time, so after the browser finished the challenge, the page was supposed to be served. Typically if your page is dynamically served. Check the response header on cf-cache-status if it’s set to dynamic or bypass, which means your page would be served from the origin. If connection was failing after browser finished its challenge, this could cause a potential infinite loop as the origin failed to serve the content.

You can check in the browser dev tool, after browser finishes its challenge, there would be redirect, you should be able to see a return status code usually 5xx. Then you should look up the relevant 5xx error information to narrow down what happened.

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