Users in India Experiencing 522 Errors


We’ve come across a very odd scenario. We are receiving Cloudflare 522 errors in India. Our customers everywhere else in the world don’t seem to get these.

We have only one server so there’s no chance of load balancing. I’ve checked apache logs and php logs and there’s no connection limit being hit. We’ve raised a support ticket with Cloudflare but have heard nothing back.

Has anyone else experienced this before? What is the ideal solution to get this resolved? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Hello @vikram2, I’ve updated the ticket and we’ll continue our support there.


This issue is still not resolved. We are facing a lot of difficulty due to this issue as almost all traffic from India is getting 522 errors.

Any help will be highly appreciated as we need the MTR trace to the server IP address.

We have the same issue for some customers from India, Mumbai.
This is tracert output:

and client got 522 error.
But it opens good when using a VPN. It also works good for other countries.

@kampjose our customers are experiencing extremely slow speeds in India. There is definitely something going on. As soon we bypass Cloudflare, the issues get resolved. There is some kind of throttling happening somewhere.

Digitalocean have run checks on their entire network and nothing is blocking or throttling Cloudflare IP’s. It seems like the connection is not reaching them.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

I am writing to report the same issue we are experiencing with your service. We are consistently receiving a 522 error when trying to access our website from Mumbai. Interestingly, we have found that using a VPN allows us to access the page without issue. This is a concerning problem, as it seems to suggest that there may be an issue with Cloudflare’s routing or network connectivity in the Mumbai region. We would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and any updates on a resolution. Thank you.

Hi, I am also getting the same 522 error. How should I go about fixing this.