Users in China Seeing Captcha

Visitors to my site from China are seeing a lot of captcha forms from Cloudflare. Is there any way to disable this for users from China specifically? The reason why this is a big issue for me is because my site is China-focused and thus has many visitors from China.

Thanks in advance for any help! Here’s an image which shows what it looks like:

I’m in Chengdu but I don’t see any captcha popping up on the site, either via a laptop or via my mobile browser.

Thanks for the feedback! A few people have recently mentioned this captcha dialog appearing for them, when it hadn’t previously. I’m not sure what the reason is.

You can customize access to your site under the Firewall tab. If you want to whitelist (or block, or challenge) a specific country the option is under Access Rules.

This is precisely what I was looking for. Thanks Ryan!

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