Users complaining that they are being "impresonated"



Some of our users (we have a forum) have been complaining that some of their posts were done as if they were someone else or vice versa.

From the looks of it, this seems like a cloudflare bug of some kind where the cookies they were assigned don’t match their form submission, which causes the system to believe they are someone else.

I’ve disabled caching, including adding page rules to deepen the cache prevention. However, short of totally disabling Cloudflare, I have not been able to completely eradicate this issue.


Sounds bad. Might want to create a ticket with Cloudflare while you seek help here:


I tried it before and got something automated… I’ll try it again.


What did the automated thing say?
What are your caching settings set to?



  1. I tried security mode essentially off
  2. caching - no query string
  3. Added a page rule to never cache on any page (*)

Currently, I temporarily disabled cloudflare until this issue is resolved…


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