Users cant connect to my site 504 Error


After changing DNS ~72 hours passed, but a lot of my users cant connect to my site, the just have Error “Unable connect to the site”. How can i fix it?

UPD: Now its work better, but now i have 504 cloudflare error page

Cloudflare branded 504 page on my site

Loads just fine

Post the output of these four commands



There are some Russian ISPs that block Cloudflare. But it’s working in all the usual places I checked:


No Russian checkpoint (anybody care to donate :smile:) but works from everywhere else


Hello, my users have error 505 every 30-60 minutes, but i can connect to site via IP adress

before cloudflare i never haved this error
What it can be? maybe i need to change some settings in php.ini or something else?

Server is not overloaded


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