Users cant access the website, no cloudflare error, no response given

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The url is

Users are saying they cant access the website at all, with the error ERR_FAILED - website is either unavailable or moved permanently. The reason why i think its a cloudflare issue is because the auto generated firebase url (which doesnt go through the cloudflare system) works for them ( Please help

I just tried directly by the URL - working okay from my end:

So, the DNS record is proxied :orange: and both existing and pointing to the IP of Firebase hosting?
Nevertheless, both non-www and www domain name are being added to your Firebase project → Hosting and configured/allowed to redirect non-www to www (or vice-versa?) when adding custom domain to your Firebase project?

May I ask, at the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard, have you got Flexible, Full or Full (Strict) SSL option selected?

Im not sure what do you mean by the first question.

SSL/TLS is set to Full(Strict).
Both www and non www are added to firebase hosting.
Hosting is configured to always redirect to non www.

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I was testing something few months ago with my Firebase project and custom domain on Cloudflare.

It is still working as follows from below screenshots - if they could help you at least a bit:

NOTE: I think it should work even with Full (Strict), otherwise Full (SSL issue)

Furthermore, my Cache Level is set to Standard and Browser Cache TTL set to Respect Existing Headers - in case if you have made some changes and got cached a bit. Not exactly related to the error you posted in your first post (Screenshot), but …

Your settings look like mine.

The biggest issue is that this only started showing up about last week. Before it was working fine.

EDIT Another weird thing is that switching browsers for some users helped, AND some users are reporting that its working on their phones (thats on the same network as the main machine that is having issues)

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Got this from a user, not sure how to interpret it timing out, but also tracing all the way to the cloudflare domain…

User can also ping the domain and it returns the correct ip address (cloudflare one, same ip address that i get when pinging the domain)

Screenshot by another user with a different error, maybe a clue as to whats going on

Some of my users are reporting the same problem as above. They see the ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on desktop PCs. It works for some, but not for others. It always seems to work on mobile. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. Any advice?

EDIT: I cleared the CF cache. I think that helped in my case.

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