User Workers to Manage Subdomains on Free Accounts

I am a small business with a free Cloudflare account but wish to use Cloudflare for both my primary domain and a subdomain which has a completely different WP theme. Can I use the Worker function to manage both domains

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Do i understand correctly that you have 2 Wordpress Installations. One is reachable under your Root Domain and one under a Subdomain?

When yes you dont need Worker for that. You can normally add the Records to your DNS Settings in Cloudflare. Your Webserver is responsible for delivering the Right Versions via Virtual Hosts

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Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply. Yes there are 2 domains one of which is a subdomain. However, I only have a Free Cloudflare account and I believe I can only register my primary domain with it.
I’ve done the DNS updates and am waiting for the account to become ACTIVE.
I’m really keen to take advantage of Cloudflare’s global deliverability and would very much like to have my subdomain (or a subdirectory for that matter) routed through Cloudflare but understand I would need an Enterprise level account to do that.
Are you suggesting there is a workaround to this problem?
Is that done with additional DNS records?
What would be the details of those (presumably CNAME) records?
If so then I would love to know what it is.

Is the subdomain a subdomain of the Main Domain or of a different Domain? This would make a difference

The Enterprise feature that you are referring to is for managing subdomains in their own zones. You can manage subdomains, also known as hostnames, in a Free account. It’s what www is. Just add an A record for your subdomain.


Hi Jason,
It is subdomain of the Main domain

See this answer @aoteapreneur

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