User session has expired. Please refresh the page

So I’ve got access to several cloudflare accounts. I cannot merge these accounts because they belong to several different companies (we provide technical support for them). And as far as I can tell, Cloudflare does not offer a “Partner” dashboard portal where I can log in and manage all these accounts (similar to what Office 365 does for Microsoft Partners). I am aware that cloudflare does have a partner system, but it only integrates into cPanel/Plesk etc or programmatically - a feature which we do not use at this time, but will visit at some stage in the future. But I need a solution now, hence the post.

Anyway, I access the cloudflare dashbboard for each of these maybe once every month or so depending on whether or not changes are required. I use mainly Firefox or Chrome. Every time I try to log in, I get an error that is some variation of

“User session has expired. Please refresh the page”. Of course, refreshing the page just does nothing, and brings me back to the logon page.

I have tried incognito mode (and private mode) in firefox to no avail.

If I keep trying, eventually I will be able to log in (usually on the 2nd or 4th attempt). The surefire way to make it work is to try it from a different computer. But this is an enormous hassle because I have a password manager which auto-fills my logon e-mail and password, so if I have to do it from another machine I have to manually copy & paste which is an order of magnitude more time consuming than just having it auto fill. I have a feeling the issue is related to cookies or state data being in my browser somehow. But this doesn’t explain why it doesn’t even work in incognito/private mode without any add-ons/extensions. It may also be worth noting that our network is IPv6 enabled so I use IPv6 to access the cloudflare dashboard.

Anyone have any idea how this can be fixed or worked around?


Hi @breakaway,

Firstly, you can manage that from within one Cloudflare account, you can add your own account in each of the other accounts as an admin. When you log into your own account, you will then be able to select which account to look at/edit.

That is odd that incognito doesn’t work either, I may expect it to be something cookie related. I have not seen this issue recently (using either Chrome or Firefox). You may want to contact support if you continue seeing that, or maybe someone else here has solved it previously.

Hi @domjh

The problem is all of our clients are independent entities, and each have their own cloudflare account. I have in turn been invited to each one, using the process you suggest.

To give a hypothetical example, say I have two clients - client A and client B. Say I need to update client A’s MX record and once I’m done, update client B’s SPF record. One would expect I just log out of Client A’s dashboard and log int Clien B’s - but I can’t. When I try to log into Client B’s dashboard, I get stuck in a loop, where after entering my credentials and 2FA code, it just throws me back to the logon page saying “User session has expired, please refresh the page”.

So even if I try incognito mode, it still does it. Which is strange, because the whole point of incognito mode is that no data is shared between “normal” mode and incognito mode. But somehow it appears it is for cloudflare?

I will wait a few more days to see if anyone else has come upon this, if not I will consider contacting support.

I am not entirely sure why you need to log out of one account and into another if you have been invited to them all, as in the linked article above.

As for the issue, that’s odd - yes we’ll see if anyone else has come across it :slight_smile:

I can confirm that this is a common issue when logging into multiple accounts from the same IP address in a short timespan. I end up in login loops, get weird errors like the one mentioned above, can’t access some parts of the site (e.g., support and forums), get rate limited with captcha that I can’t get past, etc.

If I add my own account as a sub-account of all the other accounts, I run into more issues. Can’t access support tickets (it acts as though I’m logged out even after logging in again), etc.

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