User receiving "Checking your browser before accessing..." but we are not in "Under Attack Mode"

We are not in ‘Under Attack Mode’ but a user has reported receiving the Browser Integrity Check (BIC): “Checking your browser before accessing…” (Ray ID 693470afca99192a) in Google Chrome (Microsoft Edge works fine).

The page then times out (Error code: Out of Memory) rather than loading the webpage.

How can I prevent users from receiving/experiencing this? Ideally, I’d like to keep the protection of the BIC without blocking legitimate traffic. It would also be helpful to know how often users are receiving this BIC. Is that possible?

You should see them in your firewall events, what is your Firewall Security mode currently set to? You could try lowering it

The security level is set to medium. Both Browser Integrity Check and Bot Fight Mode are toggled on.

I can see the user’s IP address listed in the firewall activity log, where the action taken is JS Challenge and the Service is Bot fight mode.

I am assuming there is no way to know why a user is considered a bot.

I can exclude this user’s IP address but want to make sure, somehow, that this issue is not more widespread, extending to legitimate non-bot traffic.

What’s a reasonable approach to take to retain protection against malicious traffic without disturbing legitimate traffic?

Thanks for your help!

Hmm I suppose that depends on a few things, i’m a firm believer on having it set to “Essentially Off” and will bump it up if problems arise

As for the Bot fight mode trigger, it sounds like a false positive to me

Hi there!

I’m sorry to hear that some users are timing out due to our browser integrity check and I’d recommend to disable the browser integrity check in this case too.

Regarding the Out of Memory error, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could create a support ticket for this and attach a HAR file from the users that are experiencing the error. In case you get an auto-reply, just link to this thread in the ticket or reply with the ticket number here.


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