User not seeing the cloudflare login screen

Hi Everybody

I set up the Cloudflare access with email restrictions, so users need to enter their email, get a code and then are granted access to our website (actually, the Typo3 admin page).

I did set up a passthrough instruction for certain IPs as well.

This is working for all users but for one. This person isn’t presented with the login screen but sees the T3-Login page right away (he shouldn’t he’s not in the passthrough IP-Range).
He can login but then do nothing (the login screen keeps popping up).

I’m aware that this is most like not a Cloudflare related problem, but maybe someone here has an idea what goes wrong.

My first guess is their DNS is sending them directly to your web server, and not through Cloudflare. Their browser’s Dev Tools Network tab should show them if they’re going through Cloudflare or not. Have them click on a resource from your domain in the Network list and show you the Response Headers.

Also, see if they can try it from a different device on their network.

Thanks @sdayman - that sounds like a possible cause for this. I’ll check that.

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