User name problems


My name is Moshe redacted and I’m the owner of the two domains-
Quickfixme . Net
Procomposting . Com

The company by the name- Foreshop has managed my two websites and now they hand over the control of the websites to me.

Unfortunately they do not answer for any of my emails regarding my request for my domains details.

I’m Asking for your assistance to allow me to have an accessibility to my user name and password in order that i will manage my domain.

I didn’t find any service that can help me on Cloudflare site

So if anyone can help me, please. I need my user name and password details.

Thank in advance

We cannot give away account details (Cloudflare or otherwise), that would be:

  • a violation of users privacy
  • impossible, we don’t have access (neither do employees), that’s how passwords work
  • morally wrong

If you mean the Cloudflare email and password, if you have access to your account email you can reset it. If you mean a seperate web host username/password, we can’t help with that.

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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I don’t have any user name and password details.

There is no other way that I can identify myself as an owner of the domains?

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