User login page only refreshes when clicking login button


Since installing Cloudflare onto our Wordpress site, we’ve experienced an issue where users need to click “login” 2+ times in order to log in. The first attempt(s) only refresh the page. No error code is shown - simply refreshes.

The issue always goes away when we “Purge Everything” in Cloudflare, however it always starts back up within a day. So I believe it has to do with the cache.

Do you know what settings I have to adjust to fix this issue? We want users to only click “login” one time.

Thank you.

There shouldn’t be any caching on login pages. By default no pages should be cached. What’s the URL?

Hello! Login page here:


Ok. We’re safe.

It looks like a non-standard login system. Since you’re using APO, it might not recognize the site’s login cookies as a signal to bypass cache. @yevgen might have some insight into this.

In the mean time, try adding a Page Rule for that URL (my-account, right?) for a Cache Level of Bypass. No guarantees how well the rest of the site will behave, though.

Hi again!

Okay, thank you for this. Will try this and get back to you.

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