User left, can't find domain in list under my account

Hey there,

I am looking for a domain which the name servers are pointing to Cloudflare, I see a lot of domains we own, but not the one I need to make changes to.

Please help, I can’t open a ticket with support.


What’s the domain?

This domain has Jay and Abby assigned. Are these typical nameservers for your account?

How can I check quickly? Sorry I am new to this platform

Go to and enter your domain in the search.

We seem to mostly use

Then your domain is most likely not in that account but in another one. If you want it in your account you’ll have to first add it to your account and then point your domain to the new nameservers.

Seems the domain is there but you did not change the nameservers yet.

Not sure what to do from this point, we believe that it was added under a user that left our organization, you know how you can select the organization or your own account when you sign in?

You need to go to your registrar and change the nameservers to the new ones which Cloudflare assigned on the new account.

But this user has been deleted. So I guess that doesn’t change anything, we just need to change the name servers to the new ones, and that’s it? Will that break anything? Once a user is deleted is there anyway to recover if it was under his account? Perhaps this is the Way to go to change NS. Please let me know if any impact

You need to move the domain to the new account and that involves changing the nameservers.

You will have to migrate all settings and make sure the DNS records are correct as well. So that’s something you need to check manually.

If you’re talking about within your Cloudflare account, that’s not possible for security reasons. As @sandro already suggested, you need to change the name servers at the domain registrar. There’s nothing we can do at this end until you make that change.

OK thanks a lot sandro and sdayman. I am in the process of having the NS changed.

One more question for when the NS are changed, I will need to make the domain redirect to a URL with masking to allow the address line to remain as is that something I can do?


Cloudflare does not offer any masking. You can only redirect. The only thing you could achieve would be to either proxy the other host through a Worker or “host” the site via an iframe. That could be done with a Worker as well, but will be paid if you go above the free limit.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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