User keeps getting logged out on one page


We are seeing some strange behavior of our new site that is in soft launch.

The event page keeps logging people out whenever a user checks it. See the attached screenplay.

We have done very little customization on the plugins we use. They are all very popular plugins. We started to see this after we added page rules in Cloudflare.

And after we deleted the page rules, this issue goes away. We are scared to also find that when user A is online simultaneously with user B when user A clicks around, he will see on some pages, he is logged in as User B.

All these problems disappeared once we delete the page rules.

How can we set up page rules correctly, regarding the browser cache, edge server cache etc to avoid this problem?

Please advise. Thank you so much!



The issue is likely due to a ‘cache everything’ page rule. You effectively instruct Cloudflare to cache the first hit on that page. This means that, if your application serves dynamic responses, it will cache even dynamic parts of the page like the username and hidden sections.

A fix would be to either: A) don’t use any “cache everything” page rules, or B) use “bypass cache on cookie” (only avaialble for Business/Enterprise plans).

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