'User is invalid' when visiting support/help pages


I’ve opened a couple of tickets recently, however, I’m unable to access them again.

I’m able to log-in to my Cloudflare account fine, but the Help Centre login/auth sends me back to the login page with the error ‘User is invalid’ in the URL.
I read here that this issue can sometimes occur when the user has changed their account email address, which I have done quite recently.

Could someone at Cloudflare please sort my Support account out so I’m able to check-in on my tickets?

Many thanks!

This usually happens when the email you changed your account to has previously opened tickets via email.

Can you please open another ticket about this issue and post the # here. We can then escalate it and ask someone to fix your account.

Hi @domjh,

Unfortunately, I’m unable to open any further tickets as I’m unable to access the Cloudflare support area (as stated in my opening post).

I have an open ticket that I need to respond to however (#2471756).

My understanding was that you just could not access your existing tickets. Can you not email [email protected] from the email on your account?

Hey there,

Sorry for the sync issues. I’ve replied on your ticket.

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