User ip and country code are get cached

when i use cache everything page rule sometimes i get the same ip and country code for many users , this ip is mostly for Google or any bot that access my pages many times

that don’t happen for all pages , i have noticed that if i have cleared my cache and some one (google bot ) get into any page , the following users that access the same page will have same ip and country code of google bot , This happens for a small period of time

what should i add to cache everything rule to prevent caching user ip and country code ?

You do not cache the information you mentioned, but rather the output you return and that is because you - well - cache it. You will need to remove that page rule if it applies to content which should not be cached.

i need to cache the content but get the user ip to use it to limit access for some users that scarp my content

That is mutually exclusive. If you cache data it will not get past the caches/Cloudflare.

i hope there is something to exclude user ip from caching

Ehm, did you read what I wrote? You need to disable caching if you want to return content dynamically.

Please familiarise yourself with the concept of caching

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