User fails at one API call

I have a API server. It’s at for Remnants of Naezith game.

It was behind CloudFlare proxy. But recently two people told me that they can’t open the game.

We debugged it with one of them.

He can ping the server ✓
His game can reach to /login
His game fails reaching to /fetchFinishedLevels

We tried many game related things. Nothing solved it.

Then I disabled CloudFlare proxy on ron and it worked after IP changed to original server IP.

The thing is, I use CloudFlare only to hide the IP. So I need it.

Page rule for* is like this:

Disable Security, Browser Integrity Check: Off, Always Online: Off, Cache Level: Bypass

What else should I add there to avoid this problem? What could be the cause?

Is there a way to set it up to proxy only ONLY IP CHANGE, none of the other features?

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