User Cloudflare to use my selfhost Proxy at home

I have a self host proxy ate home on my compute, i want use Cloudflare Tunnel to connect to my proxy, but when i connect i can’t connect to any website, but i can ping them.

Am I missing some configuration?

I appreciate if for any tips

What errors do you get when you try to connect? Timeout errors, bad gateway errors? Where did you configure the tunnels, on the web UI or locally?

Hi @Cyb3r-Jak3
I can connect with success, but after i connect to my selfhosted proxy by Cloudflare tunnel i can access to any website, but i can ping them.

I do the configuration on web UI

What is your proxy? Is it just a web server?

Do you mean you can’t connect?

What you pinging? If you are ping your hostname then you are just pinging Cloudflare’s servers and not your own.

Can you share your config?

Yes, it simples, just a tunnel to my lapton, what configuration you want see?