User cant acces from Cuba

Hi , actually any user from Cuba Country cant get acces to my website , they receive this error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
My website is hosted on siteground and I use CLoudfare like a services, anyone can I help me?

Try app and then test again.

Site is working fine at my end, both www and non-www.

yes it is fine, but not in Cuba, user frmo Cuba are blocked for google servers and cant get acces, but throught cloudfare they should be get access

Are you able to access over DNS app?

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is a DNS issue, so whatever DNS they’re using isn’t returning an IP address for that hostname.

Can they try changing their DNS so it points to (yeah, I know it’s not, but Google is everywhere and less likely to be blocked).

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How can I do that, sorry is that I am not skilled on that?

How can I test that, sorry I am not skilled on that?

Here’s a guide on updating DNS for different devices. They usually want two DNS servers, so you can try and

but that is for the user ? because they not will do that, I am not in cuba but clients are from Cuba and they not know this, I need set my website for users from Cuba can get acces, is there a way?

It’s possible it will clear up over time, but you can’t fix people’s local DNS problems from here.

Listo, Fixed, I desactive domain fmo siteground hosting and add directly on Cloudfare and change domain frmo go daddy and ready, thanks everybody