User cannot browse certain website due to error 403

Hi team,

We had issue with this static public ip one of our branch browsing this 2 websites ( & ). It will show 403 error Is this because been blacklist from cloudflare end? We already contact both websites admin and they did not block or filter any changes from their end. Fyi, that public ip listed at “” and it already whitelisted by someone. All devices source from that public IP return 403 error while browsing both website but when we go deep into web inspection on that url link it will ask for captcha for each picture to view to passed to through the error 403. Based on the KB “4xx Client Error – Cloudflare Help Center” error 403 happen due to Cloudflare Firewall Challenge.
Hopefully someone from the team can assist on this. Thank so much.
Snapshot and details from & as shown below.

Perhaps they didn’t go through the firewall logs correctly. They should be able to find something, provided that you give them the Ray ID.

By the way, try to double-click the image link, is the error page looks like this:

Or this:

By the way, just realized that Propertyguru is also using Cloudflare.

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