User Billing verification: Stripe link invalid - need to resolve ASAP

Ticket number #16840970


This morning at 8:21 AM PST I received an email asking me to submit a User Billing verification through Stripe. The email says that I need to do this within 24 hours or my recently registered domains will be canceled. When I click the Stripe link to verify, I see an “Invalid link” page.

I’ve reached out to support through various channels: I responded to the original email almost immediately, I sent a separate email to [email protected], and I also creating a new ticket (#3152733).

It’s now 3:00 PM PST and I haven’t heard anything back yet.

Please advise asap as I don’t want to lose my domains.

Ticket number #16840970

Thank you,

Cloudflare Support cannot help with this issue. You need to reach out to the Trust & Safety team. There is no way to escalate these issues, you just have to wait and hope that the Trust & Safety team respond.

Thanks for the response, @Erisa.

So if they don’t get back to me on their end before the 24 hours are up, I lose my domains? How is this the process?

Is there really nothing I can do other than what I already did besides wait and hope they get back to me in time?

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That’s correct. I understand your frustration but in the end there is nothing that I or any other member of this community can do for you.


Do you know if [email protected] is the best/quickest way to reach out to the Trust & Safety team?

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That’s correct.

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Update for anyone who may have a similar situation in the future: Trust and Safety emailed back this morning with a working link and I was able to submit the verification no problem.

Thanks again @Erisa.


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