User Agent:Cloudflare-Diagnostics

i am Challenging any traffic comes from usa that my site is local store.
i discovered many requests from user agent called “Cloudflare-Diagnostics” from ip 2400:cb00:36:1045::a29e:4170 , is it really save or fake ?

That sure looks like a Cloudflare IPv6 address. It could be for Always Online, or Load Balancer if you’re using that.


Load Balancer UA
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Cloudflare-Traffic-Manager/1.0; +; ...)

Always Online UA maybe.

The user agent of the always online crawler should be

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Cloudflare-AlwaysOnline/1.0; + AppleWebKit/534.34

@samar890836, are you rewriting IP addresses? If not it could simply be some random client sending that request.

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