User agent blocking - allow missing

Security > WAF > Tools > User agent blocking
Can’t allow DoubleVerify user agents that are blocked by Likely automated bots.
Please add “Allow” action to User agent blocking.

May I ask have you tried using custom Firewall Rule?

I believe there you could achieve it, just make sure it’s the 1st rule from above on the list of Firewall Rules :wink:

I am afraid User Agent Blocking option currently does not have this feature, neither would have the “allow” so soon, at least what I believe and as far as it’s name says it’s main purpose is for blocking requests coming from specific user-agents :slight_smile: (could be I am wrong, but …)

Nevertheless, thanks for sharing an opinion and idea here! Much appreciated :wink:

Example using a Firewall Rule:

  1. Create one with “allow” for specific user-agent string which “contains” at least the one part of the user-agent name

  2. Make sure it’s the 1st from above

I tried. But I am not sure if allowing the user agents bypass Bot fight mode.
I think I read that Bot fight mode must be bypassed by IP rules…

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