User-agent block rule not blocking all requests

I need to block this specific user agent: axios/0.17.1
Even though Cloudflare is blocking some of the requests, a lot of them still reach my server. I can see it on nginx access logs.

Why are some of the requests not blocked?

Thanks in advance

Can you post a screenshot of your block rule and of a recent request in your log files?

Hi Sandro, thanks for the quick reply.

My rule:

I’m thinking about using the api to blacklist all these ips, if it is possible through the api.

My log

requests count by user-agent on the log


Your configuration looks okay. Could it be there is anything whitelisted in the access rules?

Another explanation could be they are bypassing Cloudflare and going straight to your server. Is there the possibility your IP address leaked at some point or could be simply accessed directly?

I just started using Cloudflare, so no whitelisting there. But yes, maybe it is going directly to my server, I`m going to check into it.

Now that you mentioned it, it might be because dns propagation is not complete yet. Will wait for 48 hours and check again.

Thanks a lot for your insight

For information purposes, after dns propagation, all requests have been blocked. :smiley:

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