User Agent Attacks


Hi there all,
See these image links below on present User Agent attack on my site.

I need to create rules to block specific User Agent from accessing my zone.

I need you to help me with these rules to block this attacks, as they are very much.


Cloudflare Community not forcing HTTPS?

If you want that bot to stop indexing your site, simply add it to your robots.txt. That way, it won’t fill up your logs.

User-agent: SeznamBot
Disallow: /

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You advise I implement User-agent: SeznamBot
Disallow: / for this bot. But the bots are so many, how do I handle others?


You don’t want any bots indexing your site? That would mean no more Googlebots, Yandex, etc. Change the SeznamBot in robots.txt to just a *
That will disallow all bots that actually respect robots.txt


You can do so by going to Dashboard > Firewall > Tools > User Agent Blocking. There’s a limit of 10 UA.

You may prefer to search for the bot’s AS Number (assuming it’s a “good bot”) and add that in Dashboard > Firewall > Tools > IP Access Rules.

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