User access only for Video Stream

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I want to create new user but their is only option for create new user user with admin. I want to allow to manage for stream videos not entire website access.


Granular access control is only available on Enterprise plans. You could generate a restricted API Token, and manage via the API.

Okay thanks for reply. but my plan come from siteground. do you have idea how to upgrade this plan to enterprise ?

@erictung might know if that is possible through a partner. Usually Ent is directly with Cloudflare.

Enterprise plans are said to start at about $5k per month, so a big uplift just for role based access control.

Iā€™m not really sure whether we can upgrade a domain under Siteground to Enterprise. Usually Enterprise domains do not have integration with 3rd party provider like Siteground.

And yes, Enterprise plan is more expensive.

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Ok, another question is does it cover sub domain too?

Enterprise plans cover and every subdomain below it.

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