"Use wizard to add an SPF record" but I already have a SPF TXT record

I setup my first page with a custom domain, and in the DNS records page I see a “Recommended steps to complete zone set-up” section with the following recommendation:

“Use wizard to add an SPF record and define what mail servers are allowed to send mail for your domain.”

But I have a TXT SPF record, and all of my DNS records were imported, so I don’t suspect a typo in my record.

Why is Cloudflare recommending this if it’s done? Other recommends they made disappeared after I did them. I’m worried I did something wrong or incompletely.

Thank you.

What domain?

The same is happening for DMARC.

“Use wizard to add a DMARC policy and choose what happens to outgoing mail that fails authentication.” is still shown in DNS Settings after I have set it up.

I have figured out the problem. The zone file I imported put double quotes around the SPF value, and once I remove those, the recommendation disappears.

Oddly, Cloudflare put double quotes around the DMARC record value it created, and once I removed them that recommendation disappeared too.

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