Use WARP as custom VPN

I have multiple cloudflare tunnels set up and I would like to use one of the tunnels as a VPN that I would be able to connect just using the WARP application.
One of the websites that I use restricts content that is visible to the visitors by geolocating IP address. I have a tunnel that I would like to use for this website, but since this website is https I can’t just rewrite dns to my server because I would have to install custom certificate on my phone which isn’t really convenient.
Since WARP is just wireguard in disguise it should be possible to just route the traffic through the tunnel.


To clarify on WARP,

  • WARP cannot have a location chosen manually. In that sense it’s different from a traditional VPN.
  • WARP will give you a Cloudflare IP that is near your location.
  • In the past WARP passed on your real IP address to sites - this is no longer the case, all sites see a Cloudflare IP address now.
  • All of your traffic is passed through WARP which can prevent spoofing by your internet service provider or spying if you’re on a shared network like a coffee shop.

I understand that first two points is how WARP works, but I have cloudflared set up on my devices that have the IP I would want to use. I would love if it was possible to route the internet using WARP through one of the cloudflare tunnels I have in set up. I would think that it’s possible to have create a tunnel over the warp connection, but since we’re talking about phone it would probably increase battery usage by a lot…