Use the imagify and Polish plugin

Is it a good idea to use the Imagify plugin together with Polish?

To generate webp images locally and Polish on CDN

WebP images should be exclusively converted by Polish, otherwise you may cache those (if you convert non-WebP images on-the-fly) and serve those to clients which do not support that format. There are plenty of threads on that topic.

Hi, thank you for you answer. Yes, I’ve seen the threads, but in any case, Safari already supports Webp.

I generate Webp images on the fly but in some cases, the images that Google shows are not Webp format, but png, jpeg or jpg, that’s why I was asking if activating Polish will generate the ones that Google doesn’t show

If configured, Polish will convert all eligible images to WebP as long as the client indicated support. In your case the WebP conversion might not offer an advantage over the original format, in which case Cloudflare will still serve the original format. I’d check the files individually.

Generally, you should not do any WebP conversion on your server, unless you don’t mind those files being possibly served to clients which do not support the format.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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