Use Teams Gateway with DDNS?

Teams Gateway Locations seem to require you to enter a fixed IP address if you’re using IPv4. My router doesn’t support DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS, and my IP address changes from time to time.

It seems like, when my IP address changes, I need to go into Cloudflare Gateway to manually change the Source IPv4 address, which is inconvenient at best.

Is there any way to use this feature and somehow have the Source IP address update automatically in this situation?

There’s a good alternative that you can use: the WARP agent. Use that to login to Teams, and you’ll be able to use DNS over HTTPS.

One downside is this setup only applies to device level, but not router level. If you need DNS over HTTPS in different device, you need to install WARP in each of them too.

Thanks! It’s too bad there’s no easy way to do this at the router level for cases where you don’t have a static IP address.

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