Use Signed Exchanges with CloudFlare

I want to serve AMP with Signed Exchanges with Cloudflare how can I integrate my amp website url’s with Cloudflare.I do not have Cloudflare currently for my website and will I need additional web server,TLS certificate with DigiCert and amppackager running on web server.With Cloudflare will these additional dependencies be removed and how much will it cost for enabling signed exchanges on Cloudflare


Signed exchanges are called the simpler term “amp real url” in the dashboard, and it’s currently in beta. It’s being rolled out in stages, if/when you enable it you will need to wait for an email letting you know it’s available for your website.

You’ll still need TLS certificates, but you can switch to LetsEncrypt to save money.

You also will need to stay with your current hosting provider, as CF is not a host (only for cache, WAF, etc).

You can learn more about CF’s AMP at

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