Use secondary dns with cloudflare as primary

I wish to set up ns1 as my secondary dns, and Cloudflare as my primary. Currently, Cloudflare is not my registrar(godaddy is), but my dns provider. Secondary dns is possible through Godaddy premium dns, but requires a $37/year subscription. I want to try to do it through Cloudflare or my registrar without the $37 subscription

Cloudflare needs to be your one and only set of name servers. You could delegate away a subdomain, but that’s not a common configuration.

I know. I wish to set up a backup dns provider, just in case.

Just in case of what? Cloudflare DNS is pretty reliable. You might consider keeping a copy of the zone’s BIND file handy for “just in case.”

Also, when importing: if you want to make sure your website doesn’t go down, make sure all your DNS records are :grey: grey clouded. After it’s active, you can click to set them to :orange: to test out the free SSL/cdn/etc features.

It’s called paranoia, my friend. Godaddy dns was supposed to be reliable, too. It worked about 90% of the time😁

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And I’m concerned about client access, not ability to keep records. I know with Godaddy it’s possible, but pricey

You can check provider uptime performance here:

The challenge with us providing secondary DNS is by nature of being a proxy there is a. sensitive information most of our customers don’t want replicated to another DNS server and there are things we ‘magic’ which aren’t RFC compliant but we can do by nature of the services we provide (e.g. flattening CNAME records at the root).

You can certainly export your records and change your nameservers at your registrar to another service if there was a problem at Cloudflare. Not saying we’d never have an outage, but we have built a lot of infrastructure and tooling to try and prevent that.

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