Use same DNS controllers for a collection of sites

we would like to move a number of legacy domains to Cloudflare, to take advantage of SSL, unified redirects and http headers (amongst other things).

However to do this, when we move the sites to Cloudflare we need to move the DNS managment, and are therefore assigned new DNS controllers. Usually these are different from site to site.

When this happens we need to update the DNS server configuration at our registrar.
This is a cumbersome process, which could be much easier if it was possible to select the SAME dns controllers for all a collection of sites. Either by being able to select this on creation, or to ask support to update the dns controller settings after creation - or by default having the same controllers on sites belonging to the same account - that would be a simple solution.

Cloudflare won’t provide you with anything more than what you already have on your server anyhow.

If you mean DNS servers, then these are domain-specific. Typically, domains in one account will share same nameservers, but there is no guarantee and that’s how the system is designed.

You can only use the nameservers, which you were assigned after you added the domain. And forget about the SSL :slight_smile:

Thanks - actually SSL is quite important to me. We use this especially for a number of legacy domains which simply do a redirect to the new site, nothing else. With our current domain management system we cannot do redirects with ssl - only http. With Cloudlfare we certificates that are both free and self-renewing, as well as we get the ability to redirect urls from the old site. This is a quite useful thing for us.

Yes, I meant “dns servers”. But from what you say if sites are usually created with the same servers when in the same account, then I suppose chances are that if I create the sites at the same time, there is good probability they will get the same dns servers? This would be helpful

Oh, you mean you are only redirecting without having a server? Yes, in that case the proxy certificate will suffice as you have no actual server connection, however I would assume that most registrars offer such a redirect anyhow.

Yes, domains in the same account typically do get the same nameservers, but it’s still nothing you can really rely on as that may change, because nameservers are not account but domain specific and there is quite a number of threads where people got that wrong because they had incorrect expectations.

For that reason - and if you don’t want to manually fix things afterwards - you should really always wait until Cloudflare told you which nameservers to use.

Well mine (CSC - which is a pretty big player) doesn’t.

I understand what you are saying that its by design, but it sounds like this feature request is something that should be considered :slight_smile:

It’s certainly a valid feature request but I can also tell you that this is not going to happen, at least in the foreseeable future. It was already mentioned in the past and while it’s certainly nothing outlandish, the current way is how Cloudflare was designed and I would not expect that to change any time soon.

It’s really rather straightforward. You add the domain in one of the available way and you immediately get nameservers which will work.

Yes, it’s really straightforward and it works, but just (possibly) adds more manual work on my side.
But, with a little luck I will get exactly what I need when adding the domains as you explained, so I think I will be fine.

Thanks taking the time for useful replies Sandro :-).

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