Use "Polish" without deleting metadata

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I wish I could use “Polish” to redice the load time for my pictures, however as I read, it removed the metadata from the images. Now, what happens when a user uploads an image to my web application? Will “Polish” remove the metadata during upload as well? That would be a huge issue, since I need those information, especially the coordinates if there is any. Anyone has some experience with it?


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Have you tried it? I would assume uploads are not affected at all.

Did not tried it yet, but I don’t want to enable it on a live system. That would cause some issues. That is why I’m asking in advance. :confused: Maybe somebody have some experience with it.

I wouldnt test it on a live system either, but just create a quick test record and upload it to a test system.

Polish only applies to objects cached by Cloudflare so uploaded files would not be impacted.

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So if I am correct, the images won’t be polished at upload, nor processing. Only when we want to display the image to the end-user. Am I correct? :smiley:


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Thank you a lot! Much love to you Guys :slight_smile:

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