Use pages without name server change?

Hi there can I use custom domain for Cloudflare pages without having to change the name servers? I want to add just an A record as the email and other stuff is not hosted with Cloudflare.

is this an option with Cloudflare pages or I have to change the name servers to Cloudflare?


Hi @kepona2732,

Yes! When adding a custom domain to a Pages project, you will be given the option to use a CNAME setup. If your custom domain is and your Pages subdomain is, then you will have to create a DNS record with IN CNAME at your existing name servers.

Please note that the apex domain (e.g. cannot be added using a CNAME setup. Only subdomains such as or will work. If you need to add an apex domain, you’ll have to change name servers to Cloudflare.

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thanks for the info shared, I currently use the domain without the www does this means I have to change it to the www? This will make difficult for SEO to handle as I have to change all non www to www is there a solution to this?


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