Use Page Rules but I don't have actual web site for root domain

Cloudflare is my domain name server and I’m only using my domain for email, so I have MX records set up but nothing else.

I’d like to use Page Rules to do some redirect, but is this even possible?

If I go to, I should go “nowhere”, since there’s no web site set up.
But if I go to either, or, I’d like to redirect to

The idea is to set up an easy to remember url for my parents to use to take them to a Google Doc that’s a “here’s how to troubleshoot stuff” page.

Is there a way to do this? It seems like I have to set up a CNAME and/or A record for the root domain, but what do I point that to?

Here’s a tutorial on that. Basically, you create a placeholder DNS entry that’s Proxied (:orange:) and then add Page Rules (You only get three on the free plan) that forward the Matched URL to its destination.

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Ah, that was easy. The part was the part I couldn’t figure out. I originally tried and and Cloudflare wouldn’t accept that. Thanks!

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For me, I’ll use CNAME record to point to a non-existent domain. But yeah, either way works.

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