Use only one origin server

A friend is hosting a server, however, his internet is only good INSIDE his country, he only gets about 230kbps outside of his country. I was wondering if it’s possible for cloudflare to only recieve data from an origin server INSIDE his country.

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He can get more than 100mbps-1gigabit inside his country.

Not really. Requests coming from Cloudflare originate at whatever datacenter the user themselves hit first, so a user in the USA will hit a CF datacenter in the USA and that server will call to the origin. You can’t choose to only use a single datacenter for your website.

One option is to try Argo. Argo uses private Cloudflare-owned cables to route traffic between datacenters instead of using the public internet, so there’s a chance traffic will go to a CF Datacenter within the country before it goes to your actual origin server. There are some issues with this for your use case though:

  • Not all traffic is Argo routed since not all traffic can be improved.
  • Not all datacenters have private cables routing to each other

For this reason, there’s a fair chance that traffic won’t go to your desired datacenter before it goes to your origin server.

The only surefire way to do this would be to contact the sales team asking if they offer a way to only use a single datacenter to route traffic, however this would be in the realm of “very custom” and thus the price would likely be thousands of dollars a month.

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